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Welcome to Forgotten US.com - Haunted & Abandoned Places
Welcome to Forgotten US.com. Here you will find a directory of haunted places, abandoned places, and just plain weird places in the United States. This site allows users to post new haunted and abandoned places, upload photos taken on your "urban explorations", post comments, and tell stories and share background into the places listed. Have a look around. However, if you wish to submit content or use this sites other features, you must register.

To start looking around at the haunted, abandoned, weird places, click "Browse" on the left navagation bar. Thank you for visiting.

The purpose of this site is the explore and learn about places that are off the beaten path in the United States, and documenting these places before they are demolished or totally forgotten. To learn more about what this site's about, visit the about page.

Newest "Forgotten" Places:
RSS feed for newest haunted and abandoned places
1. Apollo Theater (WV)
2. My Granny's House (SC)
3. Private Residence (NC)
4. Orpheum Theater (SD)
5. Old Presbyterian... (VA)
6. Mansfield Reformatory* (OH)
7. Joplin Spooklight* (MO)
8. Eastern State...* (PA)
10. Orphanage in Poplar Camp * (VA)
Newest Photo Albums for:
RSS feed for newest photo albums
1. Noyesburg Cemetery Sutter by enterprise (CA)
2. Shoe Factory Road by Night Sky (IL)
3. Magnolia Inn by khaotic990 (NC)
4. State Mental Hospital by p robbins (SC)
5. Satan's Bridge by thedead69 (VA)
6. Mansfield Reformatory by ghostman (OH)
7. waverly hills by ghostman (KY)
8. Joplin Spooklight by ghostman (MO)
9. White Cemetery by ghostman (IL)
10. Robinson Woods by ghostman (IL)

Recent Comments
10/23/11, 03:15 AM - Listing: Odd Fellows Lunatic Asylum by christinaja.
10/23/11, 03:09 AM - Listing: sallie's house by christinaja.
03/22/11, 12:14 PM - Photo of: Oakwood Cemetary aka Hells Gate by ttay56.
11/23/10, 12:37 PM - Listing: Mansfield Reformatory by p robbins.
11/10/10, 08:36 PM - Listing: State Theatre/Hotel Marysville by samj530.
11/10/10, 08:33 PM - Listing: State Theatre/Hotel Marysville by samj530.
10/12/10, 12:53 PM - Listing: Odd Fellows Lunatic Asylum by fullrace.
08/10/10, 12:35 AM - Listing: Mansfield Reformatory by Darkwoods.
07/26/10, 10:41 PM - Listing: The Alistair Crowley Home by jstarheel.
07/26/10, 10:32 PM - Listing: Berry Hill by jstarheel.
07/26/10, 10:04 PM - Photo of: Berry Hill by jstarheel.
07/12/10, 10:02 PM - Listing: Magnolia Inn by khaotic990.
05/30/10, 07:00 PM - Listing: Cody Road RR Bridge by Justin.
04/01/10, 03:03 PM - Photo of: Bachelor's Grove Cemetary by Grey Coyote.
02/08/10, 01:57 PM - Listing: Satan's Bridge by rebecca.
02/08/10, 01:55 PM - Photo of: Haunted House on Chambers Road by rebecca.
02/08/10, 01:35 PM - Listing: Graham's Forge Mansion by thedead69.
02/08/10, 12:40 PM - Listing: Lydias Bridge by thedead69.
02/08/10, 12:35 PM - Listing: Satan's Bridge by thedead69.
02/06/10, 01:16 AM - Listing: Annie Lytle (Public school number 4) by I Entered.

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